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Tennis Camp

in collaboration with
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What's is it?

Tennis-centric group classes catering to all-levels of experience that is generally offered during the periods when schools are closed for holidays or summer vacation.

This is a great and fun way to get some exercise during the holidays or time-off.  You'll make new friends, connect with old ones and learn some tennis along the way.

Summer Camp

Dates & Times:

June 10 - August 2*


5-days of classes

9am - 1pm

Summer Camp sign-ups are here and it's aAnother collaboration with Move Your Feet! Tennis

Camp will take place between June 10th and August 2nd, 5-days a week (Mondays - Fridays). Each day of camp will take place between 9am-1pm

Daily Rate: $85

3-Days Rate: $225

Weekly Rate: $375


Pasadena High School Tennis Courts



2530 Cooley Pl
Pasadena, CA  91107

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